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Jewelry Insurance

Insurance for Jewelry Purposes

Free Services

  • Unlimited Phone Consultation
  • Informative training seminars

Jewelry Appraisals

  • Diamond Reports with computer scanned
  • Color photographs and plotting
  • Narrative Reports for colored stones, pearls and watches

Insurance Replacements of:

  • GIA & EGL Graded Diamonds
  • All Colored Gem Stones
  • Cultured and South Sea Pears
  • Brand Name Watches

Jewelry Repair and Restoration

  • Cutting-edge advanced repair department
  • Major reconstruction of damaged jewelry
  • Minor repairs and adjustments
  • Replacement of damaged gems
  • Wristwatch and pocket watch service and restoration

Gem Recutting Department

  • Damage Reports
  • Loss-of-value reports
  • Recutting services on all damaged gemstones

Salvage Purchasing

  • Forensic Gemology
  • Trade and Broker notification of stolen merchandise